What insurance is already included in my rental?

Full insurance as long as you go by the law (no drinking and driving, speeding, passsing stop signs/ red light, crossing double lines etc.) Flat tires are covered by the insurance, but destroyed tires are not. If the key is lost or damaged, the renter is responsible for any expenses of its replacement. The renter can stay only on asphalt (not muddy or with stones) road. Any damage cased underneath the car is not covered by the insurance.

Do I need to return the rental with a full tank?

The car has to come back with the same fuel the renter received it. If the renter returns the car with more fuel we do not refund money.

Can you deliver the car to my hotel?

The car can be delivered at the hotel with an extra charge ( not always) depending on the area and the rental period.

How can I cancel or modify a reservation?

You should contact our company and we will guide you.

If I want to extend my rental period, what should I do?

You should contact our company and we will guide you.

Can my pet ride in the car?

As long as the car comes back in the same condition as the renter received it, pet is allowed.